Maggie Gessner

REAL ESTATE AGENT | Marketing Coordinator

Maggie is a Loudoun County native who was born and raised into the Real Estate business. She is a mother of two wonderful and high energy boys who tend to keep her on her toes and in a forward motion. Being a boy mom means that she is used to lots of dirt and loud noises, so there is not much that she can’t handle.

Being born into a Real Estate family, she has been taught by the best of the industry and She is excited to now become a bigger part of the family business!

Having grown up in Loudoun county, and now raising a family here, she knows the importance of schools, neighborhoods, recreation, and ease of commutes. It takes a village! She is married to another Loudoun County native and loves that her boys will get to grow up in the same county as they did

Maggie is in many ways a gypsy soul; With a background in sales, marketing, criminal justice, customer service, teaching, medical, and business, she has dabbled in it all. Everything has lead her back to the family business of Real Estate. She may make friends with your animals first, but she always comes around in the end. She is a trustworthy sort that can easily become part of the family. She does tend to get a bit blue about being a muggle, but all of that can be fixed with laughter and wine. She finds it extremely rewarding to help people, especially to find something as important as their dream home. She is highly motivated and looks forward to being a part of their number one purchase.