Megan Sodbileg


I am a mother of three beautiful children. I am a self-driven, hard-working, and responsible
entrepreneur who has a big dream in life. I run my countertop and cabinet company and my daily work is always related to customer service, interior design, real estate, and financial advising.

Every day I meet with people who just bought their house, people who are planning to sell their house, or real estate agents who are helping their clients with their home improvements. Which led me to explore more about real estate industries and become a real estate agent.

Since I have three minor kids, I know it is important to have a home located in a safe neighborhood within a good school district. Therefore, the interior of the house design is very important for families with specific needs versus selling their house but making it look nice with a pocket-friendly budget. I am all there to advise, help and guide my clients with my designer, motherhood, and realtor experiences.